How we work

Based in Oxford and London providing professional, high quality, promotional event staff for Corporate, Briefing, hospitality, and Promotional events.

1. You give us a clear and accurate brief on the purpose, requirements, logistics and the required outcome for the event. Then we provide you with a proposal for resources required.

2. If it's a new venue to us, we will conduct a site visit. Here, you can show us around the space(s) and explain in greater detail what your expectations are from us and/or our staff.

3. On the day of the event (or the days before) we ensure our team(s) are on site in good time to familiarise themselves with the venue, take your last minute instructions, and to organise any event infrastructure details.

4. Our team(s) will then work the event, connect with your audience, and to ultimately ensure the event is a huge success.

5. At the conclusion of the event, BAGP will report back on to you. To get your thoughts on how we worked and to discuss the success of the event. And where applicable how improvements can be made for future events.

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Chris Jones Operational Manager at Boys and Girls Promotions

Chris Jones
Operational Manager

Events Manager at Boys and Girls Promotions Oxford

Vicky Sheppard
Events manager

BAGP Operational Manager

Andrew Jennings
Operational Manager