Working with competitors!

Based in Oxford and London providing professional, high quality, promotional event staff for Corporate, Briefing, hospitality, and Promotional events.

Working with competitors!

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We have never understood the case for wasting time trying to compete against competitors, we’re not sure of many industry sectors who don’t have competitors, and it still brings a smile to our faces when we put ” Boys and Girls Promotions ” into Google and 2 x London staffing agencies come up in the search results!  Hi StreetPR and Kreate (we’d love to work with you)

2019 has been a fabulous year for BAGP working with national staff agencies in delivering staffing solutions in Oxfordshire.

We love the fact that a) agencies have found us and b) have trusted us to deliver solutions with the pinnacle this year being to work with a  US-based company delivering a phone-free space solution.

In 2020 we want to forge more relationships with competitors in #London #Manchester #Birmingham #Bristol and elsewhere.

So if you are a staffing agency based in the UK and you wish to commission an Oxford-based agency give us a call or drop us an email 01865 595717 or