Yondr – the phone-free spaces in 2020

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Yondr – the phone-free spaces in 2020

Yondr phone-free space equipment

We love a first, and we love a bit of technology at BAGP, so the opportunity to work with The New Theatre Oxford and US-based tech company Yondr to deliver Oxfords first phone-free space was especially exciting a few weeks ago.

The phenomenon of setting up phone-free zones started a few years back with the international comedians doing world tours not allowing their material to be recorded for fear of jokes being posted onto the Internet spoiling the experience for audiences yet to see the shows.

Now the technology can be found at: Concerts, Schools, Events, Courts, and other events across the globe.

The tech is very sophisticated but the delivery of the solution is very simple: 

  1. As you enter into the phone-free zone the phone is placed into the Yondr pocket.
  2. the pocket is then closed using Yondr’s proprietary locking system, and the pouch containing the phone is then returned to the owner.
  3. the phone is then unlocked using again Yondr’s proprietary opening mechanism and the phone is returned. ( in emergencies opening stations are available away from the event)

The system is now tried and tested with BAGP looking forward to providing the staff to manage the delivery of this service again in 2020 maybe at the Said Business School, Sheldonian Theatre, Blenheim Palace, SohoFarmhouse who knows.

If you’re looking for a phone-free space event in 2020 give BAGP a call 01865 595717 or email: contact@boysandgirlspromotions.co.uk